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Take My Heart.


After coming clean, I feel I should really bleed out and tell you how I really feel even if deep down I really don't want to.
For starters, I don't really know what love is and I often convince myself that its just for the birds, literally. I once, twice, thrice thought that I had it and it only left me needing stitches to mend my broken heart. And I promised myself to never rekindle that flame again. And I think am about to break that promise because of you.
Something about you, unique and different makes me wanna rip out my heart and just hand it over to you. What you do with it is entirely just up to you. Maybe the last time i try to finally have this flame go on for more than just a while.
Am scared, i won't lie, but I know its worth it and even if you break my already over stitched heart am pretty sure I'd give you a million more chances. Over and over and over again like having a relapse.
Its hard really not trying to think about you and its even worse when I picture you with someone else. I just hope am enough.
. .
Am just done beating round the bushes, you are perfect and I can't get you outta my system and i hope you read this soon, I love you and I can't wait to have all of you to myself ..
And here's my heart, do with it as you wish...

© 2022 Amani Utembu

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