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Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


Him and Her. Against the universe. Him and Her. Together. Free as a bird. Doing what they want. Caught up in the moment. Everything felt so right. Not aware that one day. All will be gone. Where did it go wrong? What was wrong? Everything was right. And it was gone. Everything. What had happen? Didn't had a devastating breakup. No 3rd party was involved. Thing simply didn't work out. It just ended. Years passed by, They tried reconciling. But then again, They weren't right for each other. He had 2 kids. And She has one too. But still decided to meet. She remembered staring into his face. Looked at him more than listening. He stared at her. She hadn't changed a bit. "Still Beautiful" he said under his breath. That was all he could do. Stare at her. At the end, All they could do was to accept everything. Wished him well. Wished her well.