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T Is For Tyler

I Know You

I am sure by now you would have given up

It takes a special person

To search for a needle in a haystack

It also takes a big imagination to dream up what is about to happen next

It is easy to get bored

It is also just as easy to be excited

To do the things that you love

Especially, now when you have the extra time

Catch up on much-needed sleep

Do the things you have always wanted to do

Where before you didn't have the time

You can make up excuses

Unfortunately, you will lose out

Think of a day off which could lead to a weeks vacation

Many times we limit ourselves to our ability

Not that we can't do something

We don't give ourselves the opportunity to excel

We beat us up more than anyone else can

Sometimes it takes a little creativity

When we are negative it is easy to find fault in everything

To blame everyone else

If we turned that down and out feeling

Into something a little more positive

Matters like this don't just resolve themselves

They could use a helping hand or lift

I know you already think

You have tried everything

There is always something we didn't see

Something small maybe a glimmer of hope

You would be surprised how far that little opening

Like a sky on a rainy day

It begins to change into something wonderful

How much different we feel

With just a little sunshine

This is just one example

I know you think you are different

It is not a bad thing

That's what makes you amazing and wonderful

If you take that unique gift and dig even deeper

When you get stuck on a problem

There are many ways to look at that situation

We can get all bent out of shape

Let it ruin our day

We can let the same problem inspire us to greatness

Look around you and see how other people

Take the bad and make it better

They are no different than you

Maybe the way it is

Is so different than it was

Finding the best in any situation

It is something you have to do for yourself

Nobody knows you better than you

When all you have is time on your hands

Make the time count

Then you will see the time fly by faster than before

That is a telltale sign

You are heading in the right direction

Then again you can watch hours and hours

Binge-watching one t.v. show after another

It will be a lot of fun

Will it really help your situation in the long run?

No, even though it felt great for a little while

Think of all the possibilities

Let someone else worry and stress on all the problems

Together great things are achieved

You do so much more than you give yourself credit for

Life's difficulties can turn out to make each day extraordinary

Exceeding up beyond

Remembering life is what you make of it

Give me a text when you find this stoem

I will know you received my message

Just in case you didn't have time to make a call

Most Friday nights people are busy

Unless you are me

Then you're creating a dream

That isn't possible yet

That one day will come

Like the rain

Without notice or acceptance

But here just the same

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