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Symphony With All Creation


Shooting Star

Some People Use Erotic Energy And Passions From Earthy Attraction,

Some People Crave The Motion Toward God , And Some People

Choose The Motion Away From God.

The Paradox Of The Simplicity Of Reality Truth Which Is Within Us All

In Which We Can Hear A Quiet Whisper , Deep Within.

We All Know The Silent Truth That Is Embedded In Our Entire Essence.

The Reality Of Truth Is What You Choose.

The Most Important Thing Is That You Get To Know Yourself

Without Chains Blocking Your Growth Or Stumbles.

And Growth Develops By Being A Like A Butterfly Flying

Free, Light And Breezy Through The Air.

Learning To Know Others, Knowing Yourself And

What You Like And Dislike.

And Furthermore, Learning From Your Wrongs And Rights.

You Can Choose To Be A Symphony

With All Creation,

Or Playing The Piano By Yourself.

Keep In Mind It's Your Existance.

Enjoy And Learn From The Sweet Or

Bitter Taste You Experience.

Just Have Faith In Yourself That You

Will Dance Gracefully Into The Paradox

Of Simplicity.

In Which You Will Discover The Purity Of The Truth,

Which Is The Reality Of God.

Tasting, Smelling, Touching And Feeling Is Important

That You Grow Into The Simplicity Of Discovering The

Truth, At Your Own Pace.

There Is No Race, Rules Or Punishment On Any

Human Beings Pace Of Growth Toward The Full Knowledge

Of The Reality Of The Truth And Your Existance.

There Is Karma, But We All Dance Into Karma

Or With Karma.

Noone Is Released From The Good Or Bad

That We Do.

But Try To Be Wise In The Actions That You Choose.

But It All Goes Back To Each Bitter Or Sweet Taste That

We Experience Is Part Of Learning How To Grow Into

Beautiful Flower Of Purity.

There Is A Cosmic Spiritual Plane or Realm.

Is It Good Or Bad?

The Reality Of The Truth From What I Experienced

Is It Can Be Both.

Are There Angels And Demons?

Yes There Are Angels And Demons.

You Can Waltz With The Angels And Sit On Their

Thick Golden Wings, As They Ride On A Shooting Star.

Or You Can Pull Out Your Spiritual War Sword,

With An Ego So Big Thinking You Can Kick In

All Demons Butts.;

But You'll End Up On Your Knees In A Quiver

Begging God To Send You ArchAngel Michael

To Fight Your Battle.

It All Goes Back To Two Things That Are The Simplicity

Of The Reality Of Truth Which Is Your Choices That YOU Make,

In The Paradox Of Discovering The Truth.


It Is All Simple To Understand , Without Tasting Joy You

Won't Know How To Dance With Joy.

And Without Sorrow You Will Be Like Half Bake Bread.

They Harmonized Together To Make You A Beautiful

Creation Of God.....

*Dedicated To All People Discovering God

And My Beautiful Son James *


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