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Kshipra is a student pursuing masters from JNU, India. She loves reading and writing poetry and wants to publish her poems someday.

Take me back to those memories,

of my courtyards and melodies

that grandma created in morning chants,

flowing like wasted time on verdant fields,

playing with old friends, which no longer can be.

For sinousity of many a places that I ve been to

is resting heavily and I supplicate

Let the stars design a magic spell,

a time machine which brings me to crossroads,

again, from where I walked into this maze.

Let those symphonies, lost with her be found

And my heart , be sewn with them around.

Where sparrows greeted dawns, heavens met;

in the two yard sheets that covered my bed.

In rickety shelves, makeshift huts, where symphonies dwelt.

Into those pretty symphonies of memories, immerse myself!

© 2018 Kshipra Pal

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