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Swim Against The Waves— Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Swimming against the waves

Swimming against the waves

The Theme and The Message of the poem

Many times, and on many occasions, we come across an ocean of obstacles, a mountain of hurdles, in achieving our goals in life.
A normal person would give up easily.

But, those with an iron will to succeed, will try and try, till they succeed. And even if they fail, they learn lessons from their failures.

Still further, sometimes you have to take a stand, to stand with the truth, and I am sure, everyone knows, how difficult it becomes. During those difficult moments, it’s your inner strength only, which is your friend or your companion.
It’s so much easier to go along with the wave, but you need a firm resolve, a determined mind, an unfailing will power, and hope, to go against all the odds, and succeed in the end.
Sometimes, you have to motivate yourself, as no one else will do it, better than you.

Thank God, we can do it through writing it. In the process, you might end Up, motivating others too.

Swimming against the tides.

Swimming against the tides.

Swimming against the waves—Poem

You could have chosen,

To walk along, or walk away,

But, you chose to crawl,

When you could have run,

Why do you fear now,

After taking this path,

Hold on to your self belief,

Listen to your inner voice,

Don't be afraid of the darkness,

As the Sun will shine again.

Difficult paths will lead you,

To beautiful destinations,

Can you deal with the regrets,

If you walk away now,

Remember, that you are strong,

And you have a role to play,

Push yourself hard enough,

As you are the chosen one,

Remember that the almighty assigns,

The best tasks, only to those few,

Who can stand up in adversity,

Obstacles, hardships, barriers,

Let nothing, nothing, stop you,

As you can swim against all odds.

© 2020 Chitrangada Sharan

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