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Ghosting is Real

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Bambe is a Professional Science Teacher. She also spends her time in poem-making and indulging herself deep in the emotions of the poem.

Sweet words called "LIES"

One, two, and three you kept
You read mine and didn't leave
Your start "Hi!" seems a spell
As we sail with love, I fell

As I start my sail, you are there
Waking me up with those sweet lies
And as the day end, you are here
Rowing with promises from wise

I point that knife of lies to myself
Slowly pressing it to my chest
It felt real as it reaches my heart
Engraving your name deep down

"As our waves are still, we will be forever"
That's what I thought, but NEVER!
A storm came, neither all of those are real
You made me inside all shatter and kill!

As I woke up with the eyes of reality,
You are nowhere to be found
You left me hanging even your entrails
I'm left on this sail with empty shells.

Until now, I am left with these questions
"Where have you gone?"
"What have you done?"
"My Prince, why have you run?"

In the end, I am still hanging
With your sweet words called "LIES"
"What a foolish and dumbfounded!"
Pointing that to myself!

© 2020 Bambe

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