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Sweet Sunday Memories

Let Us Drift Back In Time

I was a young boy

I had three older brothers

Two that were much older than me

They were in their late twenties

Both were out of the house

One in the Navy and the other in the Marines

My other brother who is just two years older

Thought he was better than me

He didn't want to hang with his younger brother

Boys will be boys

My mother said someday you will realize

How important brothers are

You will be close

I didn't understand why we couldn't be best friends

Then there was nothing I could do

Church on Sunday

Getting up early

Dressed up in dress clothes

With a belt and shoes

I was not a fan

Once again no choice

Just a product o my environment

My dad worked hard

I know he left every morning for work

Monday through Friday

He always was home on weekends

My mom was a stay at home mom

We had a pet gerbil

He found a way to eat the curtain

My mother was so mad

My older brothers had dogs and cats when they were growing up

By that time my mother and father had enough pets

So the four of us lived at home

I think we took a family vacation two times a year

I had candlepin bowling on Saturdays

I was in a league

I had my own bowling balls

The year was 1976

They were a cool red, white and blue

I didn't have a clue what my future would hold

I was too busy just being a kid

I do remember thinking

I thought my mother and father would be around forever

Guiding me

Watching me grow old

Helping me learn what took them a lifetime to understand

Sunday was the big dinner of the week

The roast beef was a real treat

My father would go meat shopping on Saturdays

My mother didn't drive

She would go food shopping with one of her sisters

I wasn't a great fan of school

I hung in there

Thinking one day I won't have to do this anymore

I can come home at night

I never have to do homework again

Work a job like my father

Watch a little t.v. and go to bed

My mother and father had this beautiful love for each other

Each was each other's world

I could feel the family love

Our house was a loving home

We had the typical metal swing set in the yard

A small plastic pool in the yard

A few board games tucked in the shed

Each of us had our own bicycles

I had lots of aunts and uncles that lived close by

They kept us in check

So we didn't do anything really bad

Because if they found out

It wouldn't be long before our parents heard too

We had a dozen neighborhood friends

That we all player together

At one time or another

We had two t.v.'s in our house

A black and white one in our bedroom

A colored t.v. in the parlor

We got to watch on weekends

This way the t.v. would last longer

To save on the color

I had an allowance of two dollars a week

My mother and father opened a bank account in our own names

Where one day we could actually put our money

I didn't have much

Then again I didn't want much either

Our home was simple

One of the smallest houses in the neighborhood

We had a front and back yard

With one big old tree

Our house later was white

Back then I think it was pink and brown

The mailman we saw often

Even though we were too young to get mail

That was for grown-ups

Where they got bills and lots of junk mail

I looked forward to reading the Sunday paper

It was delivered to our house

Where we got to read cartoons in color

The milkman came once a week

Don't forget the trashman who lifted our big heavy barrels

The garbageman took away the really smelly stuff

That was in a metal pail in the ground

The flies would always try to get at

One of my friend's fathers was a fireman

My father drove a truck for a living

So did all my uncles

They worked for all different companies

I thought it was kind of cool and strange

That they all loved doing the same thing

I didn't know anyone who was rich or famous

They could be seen on t.v.

They lived in a place called Hollywood

I guess they needed bigger homes

There was plenty of space for them there

So they all lived up on a hill

Called Beverly Hills

Where they made movies and drove fancy cars

I never really understood why they were different

I just knew it was a different world

Where they all became known as stars

There were so many other jobs people had

Teachers, doctors, policemen, and mailmen

I never knew how people picked what they wanted to do

Then loved it for the rest of their life

I didn't know anyone sick or poor

In my mind, it came years later

You had no choice

It's part of getting old