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Sweet Sounds

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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


What's that sound? You ask.

That is the sound that moves us. I tell you.

That is the sound of music.

It's movements inspire.

To be among the greats some aspire.

It soothes your broken heart.

It is with you from the start.

The song it sings is one of love.

It is strong enough to enter into your mind and stay there for awhile.

Why would you just set it aside for no one to hear.

Music needs to be heard and can't be just tossed into a pile.

This is a gift from above.

From the pianist to the guitarist.

The sweetest songs are heard from the farthest.

Even in cold weather music is as warm as a summer day.

When it rains music can be as dry as a desert.

Music is sweet and will never fade away.

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