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Sweet Childhood Memories Still Lingers

Our small town was hit with our joy spreading. It gave the church ladies something to talk about. Edie and I did get into trouble sometimes.

Bobbi and Edie


My Memories of Our Adventures Still Lingers

What an adventure were our youthful lives

from dressing up in our mother’s clothes

to running away---from home,

we did it all with a song---but were never alone.

We rode Edie’s horse named Strawberry,

He loved to take us on our trips so merry.

We always took water and carrots for him,

He was our runaway gem.

One day I took Polly our parrot---she was so neat,

We took a walking stick for her talon feet.

We visited the old alligator at the town pond,

We fed her bacon of which she was fond.

Polly, we put in a tree while we visited the gator,

So once every so often I was her cater.

Strawberry ate the sweet grass around the pond,

And Polly sang from a limb just beyond.

When time to leave and return home before our parent’s dreaded return,

We packed up Polly and climb on Strawberry with our found treasure---an old urn.

We waved goodbye to “Old Gator” until we came again,

We said a little prayer for her with a big--AMEN.

Written August 23, 2014

Our Last Trip to the Blind Gator

Our last trip was interrupted by my mother and Edie's daddy. I knew we were in trouble when mama called me my three names.

We had to load up Strawberry and Polly and what bacon was left. Edie and I rode Strawberry home.

Edie was riding behind me, and she said when she looked back at my mama and her daddy they were laughing.

We thought they were planning on how to punish us. However, our prayers were answered because my Grandmother Knight was there waiting to take me to the farm for a week.

Edie said she would run to her mother and her daddy would not spank her. Later she said that did not work. He spanked her with his brush. It didn't hurt much she said.

We talked about how we could spread more cheer in the neighborhood. We did not give up. My best friend was such a sweet little girl who followed me and my adventures and got into trouble. We always voted yes to do it or no forget about it.

We found out one of the church ladies called my mother to tattle. After church on Sunday after my grandparents brought me home, Edit and I planned to thank the church lady in some way. It would have to be liked by Jesus we thought.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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