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Sweet Coffee

You said coffee isn't bitter.

- It's bittersweet.

I tasted your cup and fell in love with your coffee.

Yes, it's bittersweet.

Suddenly, my mornings were filled with coffee.

Suddenly, your cup has become my cup.

Suddenly, I relied on coffee to wake me up.

Suddenly, your cup has become the source of my reverie.

Until hyperacidity hit me.

Until I tried to find a cup of tea.

Until caffeine withdrawal symptoms hit me.

Until I'm missing coffee so deeply.

And then I realized, coffee doesn't have to be bittersweet.

It has to be sweet.

I found my own cup of coffee.

- Sweet, not bittersweet.

Please, fall in love with your sweet cup of coffee.

By: Regine J. Bucio

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