Suzette Jordan Was Her Name

Updated on May 8, 2018
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An engineer as chosen by the society but a social activist by heart. Completed my graduation from MP and currently working in IT industry.

...because she raised her voice..

Again the time arrived
which proved to be the darkest.
One more girl lost her name
and spirit, which is hardest.

In a deep silent street,
she was on the way at night.
They came and pulled her inside.
Again it came under no one's sight.

They placed the gun inside her mouth,
and ordered her not to shout.
Closed the windows,
so that her yells couldn't go out.

One handed the gun to another,
and asked others to held her hands tight.
She tried her level best,
but physically failed to win the fight.

They all saw and laughed at her,
while the car was running fast.
History repeated itself again,
items worn to cover the body couldn't last.

One by one they filled their desire.
No one thought of the crying girl inside.
Running car and black side glasses,
allowed no one to interfere from outside.

Not just raping was their aim,
they gave her wounds as well.
Body got beaten up with hands and legs,
no mercy, no humanity, no shell.

The car didn't stop
but speed got bit slow.
The reason was they were done
and next plan was to throw.

Blood covering her all around,
body without clothes and unconcious mind.
People saw and went, didn't bother.
Makes me think, none of them were kind.

For almost 18 months,
she hid herself and put a tape.
Held the burden of guilty,
as if she had done the rape.

She found that the society
changed her identity and name.
No one she could blame,
it was all 'Rape Victim's' game!

She started getting called
as the 'Park Street'.
People started boycotting her,
either it was a restaurant or a bus seat.

She started taking medicines,
and found herself in major depression.
But how would she face the world,
she had to go out even for medication and session.

People started blaming her
for the incident she faced.
"A single mother she is!
Might not have got the money, hence she cased."

She then thought,
it couldn't be taken more.
For the mistake I haven't commited,
why should I listen to them any more?

She collected all her strength,
and decided to fight.
"Right now I am in dark
but I'll walk in hope of the light."

She then stood up,
and raised her voice.
"I'll fight till my last breath
and hang them till death, leaving no other choice."

She fought against the society,
didn't took herself as a lame.
"I am not the 'Park street victim'
Suzette Jordan is my name."

With the grit to get justice,
she walked again on the street.
"Those were my criminals and
this time it is my chance to beat."

She raised her voice
and chose not to sit back again.
The police arrested some accused
and tied them up with chain.

She then also didn't stop
and started fighting for others.
"You have got justice, then why to stand again?"
Not everyone in this world bothers.

She proved that a girl isn't the accused
if she chooses to be modern.
She won to get her name back
Yes, she was SUZETTE JORDAN.

She left us behind with a single message
"Stand alone and shake the world with noise."
Don't be silent.Even if they try to bind you,
show them that this time you will RAISE YOUR VOICE."

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