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Suspension of Romantic Disbelief

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Frustrated about continually going through the muck and mire

Of feeling like an awful failure at the whole companionship thing

Violating some stupid guy code that girls don't know about

Unwritten rules that only boys seem to understand

In a language written and created by Neanderthals

Locked in mortal combat with maintaining their independence

Afraid that they'll lose their masculinity if they commit to a woman

More cautious at the game of love than women choose to be

The female species tended to dive in shark infested waters a lot easier

Getting bitten up by water faring villains looking for blood in the water

Scared of getting swallowed whole by someone in the guise of love

Sacrificing my individuality at the altar of making compromises

Did that and still ended up getting my heart shattered instead

No point in playing pretend to secure any man or woman

Best to lead with both eyes wide open and some level of decorum

Complete honesty left significant others feeling like they don't measure up

Learned that a brutal and near lethal hard way

Still smarting from getting metaphorically knocked out by punch to the chest

Tied to the train tracks with no way of escaping

Until the eleventh hour when the rope managed to loosen up

Running at the speed of light to get away

Watched the remnants of the rope get obliterated by the locomotive

Realized that was what heartbreak was similar to

Getting crushed to pieces by a speeding demonic train

Had no good intentions, except a quick exit strategy

Going from one point to another destination

Structurally damaged on the inside

Held together by duct table and tons of glue

Ready to escape this pit of despair

Looking to fill the hole with bread, candy, or anything else

Not ready for a new love of any kind just yet

Not gearing up for another game of risk

Still smarting from the last go around of the game

Locked into place for fear of making any sudden moves

Stuck on a wobbly wooden bridge that swayed in opposite direction

Whenever I decided to move one step on it

Feared that I would fall through it if shaken too hard

Unable to go backwards, no point in repeating the past

Decided to simply power through until reached the other side

Don’t know how long it will take, but will be glad to get there regardless.

Ready to make the walk?

Ready to make the walk?

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