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Surviving in the Derelict Jungle

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Stuck in a nightmare that's completely inescapable

Wherever you go the sound of screeching howler monkeys follow

Getting louder and louder with each passing step

Sounding like an unintelligible Fran Drescher on steroids

Flinging verbal excrement at anyone who doesn't cater to them

Babying them as they go through their day pretending to be clueless

Burning down every tree and animal dwelling inside of them

Ready to escape the madness by any means necessary

Sadly, not even loud music can smother the screams of the annoyed

Ready for a vacation into a more urbanized and relatively quieter area

Unfortunately, stuck about a mile and a half away from the circus

Near and far away from it at the same time dreading the return

Back to the thick or thin of the brush as the lifeless inhabitants

Sit looking bored and depressed in their respective corners

Wondering when a swarm of locusts will come to swallow them up

Fed up with one low ranking denizen trying to control it all

A mutiny needs to topple this dictator and put them in their place

Unfortunately, most of the protestors run away in fright

So there's usually one left to stand up to them

A David versus Goliath idea that never seems to get old

Just need a loud mouth and a big stick just like Teddy Roosevelt

Ready for a showdown of the ages

A battle royale as the corporate jungle has ever seen

Time to put that seated albatross in their place for good

Let's just hope that I have the nerve or the lack of temperament to do it

I always managed to chicken out at the 11th hour

Fingers crossed that today is different

I'll grow a little braver and don't look like the villain while doing it

When sick and tired of being victimized by them.

Ready. Here goes nothing, folks.

The villain of the story.

The villain of the story.

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