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Surrounding Light

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The surrounding light hits her face

changing the color of her eyes

as she looks at the one who holds

her heart and thinks to herself

that he is all she could ever want.

He may doubt her now, but soon

hopefully he will understand

and will once again feel the

same way for her that she

does for him in her heart.

She feels deep down that

she has lost him and wants

nothing more than to try

to win him back into her life.

Even though he hasn’t really

gone anywhere she still

feels as if he is lost to her.

She wants to him back in

her life and just wishes

that he knew how much

he really means to her.

She may not have lost him

in the traditional sense of

the word, but he is still lost

to her and she knows that

deep within her heart.

Still she knows that in the

end she will do whatever

she can to fight for him

and for the love that he

once had for her in his heart.

© 2020 Emily

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