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Surrender Your Grief, My Beloved. Monday's Inspiration 89, for All Who Grieve

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Lilies do not toil, yet the Beloved looks after them

Pink Lilies

Pink Lilies

Wisdom from the Master

"Surrender is a spiritual miracle. It teaches us how to see God with our eyes closed, how to talk to Him with our mouth shut. Fear enters into our being only when we withdraw our surrender from the Absolute." - Sri Chinmoy

"The way of the cross, need not have a physical cross, but calls upon us to be empty of all, but Love for Allah -- a perennial Source called by so many names." - Manatita

Life's struggle is very real, for Maya (Illusion) is God's body and nothing comes from an empty void. The soul comes into birth for experience and grows through this experience. Adversity is nothing but the candle of the Divine. - Manatita


Surrender Your Grief, my Beloved

Surrender your grief, my beloved,

Then your tears will be wings of Light,

Flying beyond the dreariest shadows, to

The mellifluous shores of ineffable Delight.

Clematis fades in the snow-filled darkness,

Yet rise again, with each virgin sunrise.

Waves recede into the sunset of their tides,

Only to roar and curl on new horizons.

Have you ever seen a kite released, not

Rushed into the indigo blue of Freedom?

You’re a brilliant ray in heaven’s lustre;

Not a binding cord of attachment-sorrows.

Re-discover your innate beauty, for a

Heart immersed into the bliss of sweetness,

Transmutes adversity to myriad flares,

Lighting up the carousel of the soul.


You are a unique gem, encaged in a bodily

Temple, even as the cocoon unfurls, to show

That the butterfly is real. You must yearn, but

Let this sweet longing be for the exalted One,

Supplying the needs of your inner hunger.

Loss will usually create pain, a sign that we

Have not yet let go; it’s ok. The baby eagle needs

Its mom in order to learn flying; when strong

Enough, it soars into the vastness of perennial freedom.

The balm in the gleam of moonlight, heals so

Much pain! Light shares the same language, as

Rainbows and colours; all rest in repose, in the

Oneness of Joy. It is not blood that’s concealed in the

Veins of misfortune, only the path to tomorrow’s sunrise.

Heaven has bathed you with its charisma,

Bedecked you in boons of the most precious

Kind. One day the blue moon will bow in obeisance;

Stars pay homage to your resplendence, even as the

Bewildering Andromeda, answers to your commands.

Lantern says: “Do not fear, my dear Icarus,

For even as the intensity of despair singe your

Feathers, so too my Beloved is preparing you, like

An Alchemist, to enter the vast emptiness of enduring Love.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier21th August, 2021

Wisdom from the Master

"The present-day world wants individuality. It demands freedom. But true individuality and freedom can breathe only in the Divine. Surrender is the untiring breath of the soul in the Heart of God...

When an individual is surrendered to God's Will, he will have abundant Joy." - Sri Chinmoy


Wisdom from the Master

"Spontaneous love for the Divine is surrender, and this surrender is the greatest gift in life. For when we surrender, the Divine in no time gives us infinitely more than we would have asked for." - Sri Chinmoy

Loss and coping

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