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Updated on September 16, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Always told by wannabe Mr. Blackwell clones to stick with my own kind

Decided to disregard that advice entirely

Preferred to hang out with other personalities instead of just one

Hard to fathom that not everyone thinks the same way

Once you hit a particular number, that growing up falls into place

Apparently, that's just a pipe dream to have when you're younger

Few have it figured out, while the rest never seem to get it together

The right having more responsibility than the left side of the equation

One trying to be supportive without coddling their mate

Not in my nature to overlook reality, but to not be cruel about it either

Neutrality and realism cannot go well in this equation

Trying to be like a line in the infamously known Egyptian sand

Not making my opinions too obvious about certain subjects

Don't agree with the coping mechanisms of others

As to how they handle a fork in the road of life

Instead of dealing with things head on; they use band aids

To cover up the wounds and avoid owning up to their mistakes with family

Best to be upfront with the truth; instead of burying your head in a sea of denial

Made the reveal ten times worse when the truth was exposed

Understandable that some level of embarrassment reared its ugly head

No one revels over making a blunder at any point in their lives

People celebrate success and try to gloss over their failings

Letting them linger below the surface and pop up when things are too comfortable

Rocking the boat of stability every now and again

Some can just ride the societal waves at the same pace and level

Others can never find their groove; just a simple fact of the rat race

Time to accept that normalcy won't be in the cards

Finding what makes you happy and relatively sane was the avenue to go

Forget trying to relive the supposed glory days Springsteen sang about

Never a good idea to do so in the slightest

Especially when returning to present days blues

Focus on moving forward; never backwards

Try taking a side street instead because a new discovery could await

Patience was a virtue that neither person in the relationship had

But it was better to go on the adventure together than it was alone

Let's see how it goes day by day.

Ready to go on another adventure, wherever it may leads.
Ready to go on another adventure, wherever it may leads.


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