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Folklore Poem - Superstitions



Verse 1

Will you make a rhyme that will last for all time?

Or just a simple line that will give us a sign.

Something to say to keep evil away,

Or avoid a curse or something much worse.

Verse 2

Dare you challenge the wind by whistling on board a boat?

Or defy the curse on stage by uttering a Macbeth quote.

Bad dreams will follow if you turn your mattress on a Friday,

If you eat when a funeral bell is tolling your teeth will decay.

Verse 3

Your boat will capsize if you flip over a fish on your plate,

Cutting your own hair when the Moon is high is to tempt fate.

Biting your tongue when eating and you have been told a lie,

If you wish to live and prosper then let all spiders pass you by.

Verse 4

Poseidon’s ledger contains the name of every boat,

So never alter a boats name or it will not remain afloat.

Hang a horseshoe in a bedroom to keep nightmares away,

To avoid bad luck never cut your fingernails on a Friday.

Verse 5

To avert bad luck never enter a dwelling by left foot first,

Never put your shoes on table or chair to avoid being cursed.

Fennel hung over a door will from evil spirits your home protect,

Say Happy Birthday before the day and misfortune you can expect.

Verse 6

In bed your head to the south for a long life with protection,

Those whose eyebrows meet in their heart is deception.

Legend proclaims that Werewolves can’t climb oak trees,

Carry a Dragon’s tooth to keep you safe on the seven seas.

© 2018 Brian OldWolf

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