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Superhuman is YOU

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Ram Di Mitr is legally qualified and is an ADR consultant. She loves to write poems and been writing since 15 years old.

Superhuman lives in ME

The winds of change came so strong.

Hitting and shaking my grounds.

A change was about to come

Is it me or is it the storm

Doubts are off and the question is clear

It is now or never forever

What if I dive and never survive

What if I live and never alive

You must make this change

Says mother nature

I said no, why so soon I still have time

I cant think I am numb

Mother says you grow and you transform

Learn from the caterpillar who changed its form

The same life force in different frame

It’s the caccoon that brought beauty and grace

Why hold on when you can fly

You were born free and you knew no fear

You are a blossomed flower, its now or never

Time to plunge just spread your wings

Let the winds take you to where you belong

You are excellent, exquisite and extravagant

You are more than the dictionary can spell

If only you trust, you will fly so swell

Only once you come to life

You had a dream but never realised

You not just another human in the millions

You are the One, the Superhuman.

© 2017 Ram Di Mitr