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Superhero Blues - Superhero Poem

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Superhero Blues

Superhero Blues

Fabulous secrets were revealed to me, but somehow I never comprehended

Trying to defend the Universe was not my kettle of fish, all I ever did was pretended

I hate living in skulls and I prefer to be fully dressed

I can’t take a lightning strike which transforms me into a buffed up mess

Moving to metropolis probably was not the best thing to do

People kept on saying, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, but as I looked up it was only bird poo

The mayor gave me a blue suit and a phone booth to change

And said I must check out anything strange

I gave him back the suit and he held on to it tight

Because I was allergic to many other rocks than just kryptonite

I moved to Gotham City, thinking it would up my luck. That went splat

Because the black costume was just not for me, neither a cave filled with bats

I got a job as a scientist working with gamma radiation

I had a short love stint with a co-worker but quit, she was a total frustration

So she locked me in quarantine and zapped me with a few rays

Thinking I would shout SMASH and break everything in my way.

But all I got was a patch of green hair

My muscles deteriorated, I could not even balance myself on a chair

Superhero Blues

Superhero Blues

Things were just not working out, I simply could not take anymore

But then I knew I couldn’t quit when I passed that large hammer in the tool store

Somehow it reminded me of my brother named Loki

He was a real trickster but collected a lot of trophies

I would use this hammer to right every wrong

I really wanted to fight against evil, but instead I drove a nail in my hand

I was admitted in the hospital for a couple of days

While I was sleeping, an insect came down and bit me on the ears.

Wow, maybe now I can swing from building tops and stop a moving train, well, at least try.

But the doctor told me that I was bitten by a common fly

Two weeks later I walked into a scrap metal yard trying to make myself iron

I made a metal mask and went to work in it and my boss said I was fired

I just don’t know, is it me or my sexuality so I decided to cross the barrier

I transformed myself into a Princess amazon warrior

All I got was hit on, nothing more

Until one day the police found my body unconscious on the floor

I decided to quit the life of mayhem, but I still believe in justice and truth

For me, it was just a case of the Superhero blues.

© 2017 Clive Williams

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