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Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.



A lady with chubby cheeks and warm embrace

She was when I met her twenty years ago

In prayers of faith she courageously face

Her life is inspiring more than before.

Her desire is to worship God and not miss church

Even in pain, she praises God and Worship Him

She is loved and surrounded by all in the Church

Every single day she tries to live for Him.

Eight years ago she was diagnosed with womb cancer

She was told that she has only three months to live

After eight years, she's alive and kicking with cancer

Her strength and belief is in Him as she lives.

An angel carries what she cannot bear

She inspired me to not giving to sicknesses

She is a living miracle of God's care

In Him, walk and breath even in weaknesses.

She is a mother of four but with many children

Including three of us she adopted into her care

She often encouraged us as children

My faith was built in her care.

Chemo and medicines has not broken her faith

She is steadfast and loyal to Him

I see her humbly holding Him even deteriorate her health

She sings and whisper songs of love to Him.

She prays for the sick and the suffering

She listens and comfort the broken

She's being a blessing under His covering

She had poured her love as a precious token.

She had amazing hands as she cooked yummy food

She sewed for the business with her husband

Even hard times, she was efficient and with him she stood

She fasted and prayed along with her husband.

She released her hubby for God's ministry work

She and her husband had morning prayers after tea

Making sure the children knew God before work

I used to feel jealous of her eldest because of her you see..

I didn't mean to, but I didn't like to share her when I was with her

Now seeing her all skin and bones makes my heart hurt

She has seven grand children with her

I hope until she goes to Papa God, she won't have to feel pain and hurt.


This poem is about my bestie's mother. I see her as a Super Lady. Her super power comes from faith.

Last week before I went to see her, when I remembered her in my prayers, I asked Jesus to take her to Him because knowing that she is in pain was hard for me. Then when I went to see her, she said for the first time, she asked Jesus to take her Home as the pain she was feeling seems unbearable for her. I was like "oh!". When I shared this with my mom, she told me not to pray to take her Home, but pray for God's will in her life and she will be out of pain.

I really don't know how to even comfort her. Even though I felt like wanted to hug her, I didn't because I was afraid that if I touch her body, she would feel pain.

I feel so encouraged by her desire to worship God in church when she is physically weak, because I like to go to church on Sunday, but when I get tummy issues, I stay back. I have been inspired not to give in but to believe that God is with me :)


© 2020 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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