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Glorious Sunshine-Happiness and Hope

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Golden Sunshine

Golden Sunshine

Brenda Arledge is a talented poet who inspires us to write with her word prompts. These are poems written in response to the word prompt "Sunshine" provided by Brenda Arledge in "Word Prompts Help Creativity / Week 15".

Thank you, Brenda, for inspiring me to write.

Glorious sunshine

Melting snow mountains

Reviving rainbow colors

Painting art

On nature's green canvas

Catching reflections

Of glistening dewdrops

Glorious sunshine

You warm my heart

You bring me happiness

You give me hope

You light up my life

Parting the dull, gloomy clouds

To reveal another sunny day

Promising the world

Of happy days ahead

Day after day

Never-ending celebration

Of the glorious sunshine

Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Sunshine - Summer Fun

Sunshine filled with warmth and hope

Of another bright day in this world

Speaking volumes of what is to be

Abundant crops in the fields

Picnics in the neighborhood park

Late in the evening the day still not dark

A hoot and a holler children come to play

Is it hide and seek or baseball today

Cakes and muffins and treats galore

Summer fun plenty in store

The cool summer breeze lifting spirits

Enticed by the fragrance of the citrus

The swings touch the clouds high above

Floating wishes and dreams of love

Couples stroll hand and in hand

Wishing the dreamy day would never end

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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