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Sunflowers Germinated Love with Sweet Memories

The joy of youth and experiencing life is the real emotion into the gate of many journeys. Fasten your seat belt because youth can be bumpy


Catriona walked down the country path then across the hilly fields

picking Sunflowers,

She was so happy outdoors in the country---

she could walk for hours.

At seventeen (17) she was very serious about life---and her greatest

adventure was---in living it,

She was visiting her Papa and Mimi for the fall; she looked up from

the field of flowers and smiled---it was more beautiful here---

than in the city she had to admit.

On another hill stood a boy of eighteen (18) stunned and mesmerized,

Watching the beauty in the adjoining field---with her long red hair---

he wondered If green was the color of her eyes.

Josh was tall and strong from working on his parent’s farms,

His black hair was thick and curly, his light blue eyes so focused

on the beauty and all her charms.

Catriona ran to her grandparents’ home as the sun was slowing

sinking behind the hill,

Fall in Tennessee could give one a chill.

The weekend was the Harvest Fair, so everyone brought their crops

to trade and sell,

Catriona walked in with her Mimi and Papa, and it was breathtaking

to see all the lovely handmade wares and enjoy the cooking smell.

Josh had waited most of the day to see Catriona walk his way,

He went to her and her grandparents to introduce himself---

When her green eyes looked into his eyes of blue---he had to stay.

What a magnificent day with his family and hers---it seemed so right,

She was going with Josh to the hayride tonight.

He would call for her at Papa and Mimi’s ranch,

After the hayride there would be a barn dance.

Catriona’s dress was lime green, and her long hair danced as she moved

--flowing around her front and back -----down to her waist,

Josh arrived so handsome wearing a shirt of blue, and violets in his hand

for Mimi, then they made haste.

The hayride was romantic as he held her hand and gently rubbed the top

of it with his thumb,

Until her heart, mind and body---felt numb.

All the others around them were not noticed by them,

But they were noticed by his cousin Jim.

Jim had a big smile as he had never seen Josh with such love on his face,

The stars glittered in the night their approval for this “Harvest Time Hayride”

in this time and place.

Two years later, under a big Harvest Moon---Josh was kissing Catriona in the

country church on one of the highest hills,

Their words of love for each other were never rehearsed, as the bride carried her white Bible and a wedding bouquet of Daffodils.


Meetings by chance does happen in life,

Catriona knew this as Josh took her for his wife.

Their kisses were shared often every day through the years,

And when their last days came---their children and

grandchildren saw no tears.

Sunflowers were planted around their graves,

He always said they brought him---his heart, his Catriona---

he would rave.

True Love means forever,

Never being apart for one night---not never.

When the body is gone,

The spirit does live on.

My Wish for You is a Soulmate

If you have found your soulmate in life, then love will surround your heart and keep it there forever. Each day you are together tell him/her how much you missed them during the day when you are apart. His love will shine through his eyes, and they will never dim.

All the gold in the world cannot replace true love when you experience it--- you will believe my words.

I wish this for whomever reads my words. 3/27/2022

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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