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Iced ashes spread across the terrain

Piled inside overflowing the sporadic graves.

Gloom carries the air, all white and gray,

The arctic chill numbs the mind to disarray.

The fiery emotions slowly fade away

Leaving nothing but flickering sparks to play

And emptiness covers the mass of this display

Like an invisible blanket; cold and heavy.

Mindless chatter lingers lost and about,

Emotions swirl here and there around.

Mystery born creeps but cannot be found,

Silence steps in further; it grows too loud.

Stemming across the terrain, the smell is foul,

The fog thickens, my throat, vision it clouds.

An unrecognizable stench, it takes me down,

And I’m lying there unconscious on the ground.

Colors gleam so bright lifting the soul

Though dead, still rising high above, I float,

So high fear keeps eyes shut tightly, closed

But distance grows greater; it resurrects the soul.

Piece by piece, ashes gray, they turn to gold

Radiating like the sun, that vibrant warmth,

And out pours it from the gates like a newborn,

The largest nugget, clean and pure, it’s all gold.

Yet, final not, as it is known to everyone

Luxuries cost, and cost, and cost a sum,

A sum too great to keep at times I’ve learned,

A sum too great it wipes you out when it is done.

The colors fade to white and gray; for they are burned.

The soul falls again is lifeless, there are no turns.

The pieces break, shatter down as they are mourned

And the ashes cradle, numb in this black hole world.

© 2022 Angel

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