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Sun-Kissed Poems


Sometimes you have to runaway from what scares you,

So you need to leave some things behind.

Everyone says it's easy.

But you can't runaway from your mind.


I Care

I once new a girl with coloured hair,

She was very shy.

And had skin so fair,

She listened to music sitting all alone.

By herself with her thoughts in her own zone,

But days have gone by and hasn't been seen.

Where did she go?

What does this mean?

Did she think anyone would notice,

If she vanished into thin air.

Did she have a war in her head?

Did she think that nobody cared?

I wonder why she did it,

And if I could of helped her.

Did she ever think of me?

Or was I just a blur?



We often wish for more,

So we let our imaginations be free.

So I question,

Does reality get jealous of fantasy?


Don't Understand

Sometimes I don't understand,

How the most crowded rooms.

Are the most loneliest places,

Sometimes I don't understand.

How the most cheerful person,

Can have the saddest of all faces.


Recipe to Self-Love

You have handed me a recipe,

Labeled 'Secret to self love'

The ingredients I needed,

Are all the things I can't get a hold of.

My copper and gold,

Have dripped down the drain.

The recipes requirements,

Are driving me insane.

The recipe is left untouched,

On top my cupboard shelf.

Yet I'm still left to wonder,

How much does it cost to love yourself.


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