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Summers Final Goodbye


The beach was hot and crowded when I got to the beach that day,

I walked from the station in my ordinary way.

I looked out at the ocen, dark, shimmery and blue.

I looked out at the crowd and thats when I saw you.

You smile was brightly beaming , your dark skin was wet and gleaming.

Your eyes sparkled like the sun. your towel had came undone.

No one was around you, you were sitting all alone,

I decide to walk over my heart heard your sirens song.

The waves crashed on the shoreline, lapping at the sand,

As we set there talking you reached out and took my hand.

Our love it came to bloosom under the hot sun,

we spent every moment together, holding each other tight,

I thought our would last forever not only those summer nights.

The days they passed so quickly,

then it was was time for you to,

my heart it was so heavy like it had turned to store.

The days of summer were are over and I'm back at home alone,

I walked to the runway, I thought of our favorite song.

I turned around tears in my eyes but you were already gone.

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