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Summer of the Disconnected

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Under false impression that getting older meant a lot more

Having figured out everything and dominoes fell in proper places

Turned out that was a naïve misconception of adulthood

Sometimes stuck in a perpetual loop of figuring yourself out

Smoothing out the rough edges not to stick out too much

Felt sorely awkward and mistaken that efforts paid off

Ended up bruised and embarrassed after falling down too many times

Clumsily wondering why hand eye coordination never panned out

Thought answers could easily be obtained through hard work

What a joke that turned out to be; not laughing this time

Embittered by the fact of not hitting certain milestones like everyone else

Haven't found "the one;" turned out to be a complete bust

Believed to have done so previously and was completely fooled

Transformed into a completely singular cynic

Happy and disappointed when younger relatives get engaged and lucky

Landed all of their lifetime ducks in a neat little row

While mine remained in different states and the occasional country apart

Evolved from a connected individual to an unrelatable island

Identifying with songs that some find stupid and silly

Not even about their content; just the music itself

Had a calming affect that wasn't entirely expected

Making you question your tastes and overall judgment

Realized that some people can differ from you

Just that they needed to discuss those differences differently

Unintentionally going for the jugular when another approach needed

Completely bizarre to be touchy over song preferences

Touched upon a deeper issue at hand remained unaddressed

About not being connected to everyone anymore

Made an early effort to get back to the starting gate

Getting comfortable for the next race to begin

Not sure when that will happen due to nationwide chaos

Taking good old sweet time to get in right mindset

Listening to "Cloud Nine" by George Harrison to relax

Might be a strange choice for some; worked for the current moment

All that mattered in the long run.

Getting warmed up for the next round.

Getting warmed up for the next round.

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