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Summer Splendor to Always Remember

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Mountaineer Casino

Mountaineer Casino

All you need is a comfy chair, some vodka and lemonade, a large umbrellla and some shade to be a happy gal or fella and man you've got it made

Sitting pool side

In chlorine scented

air mixed with the coconut

tinge of various sun lotions .

Moving far from the fast lane

To lazy days of slow motion

No people, places or things to see

Just the warmth of the sun

Wrapping its rays around me.

Should I take a dip in the pool

Or take a dip into my nacho platter

For another mouthful of cheesy,

spicy ground beef and ground

corn meal chips gracing my

hungry lips.. Hmmmmm?

Either or, that's what Summer is for

All those tough decisions that

Really don't matter. My only

Deadline to meet later is when

I make a beeline to my king-sized bed

And fall into the cool sheets to

share dreams that will never be as

dreamy as this day I am spending.

Later after the standard tanning time

I am planning to allot some slot time

On the hundreds of chances that

sit in tidy rows of temptation

offering sudden riches or a mild

frustration at the preprogrammed

payouts that far too often are few

and far between. If perchance I

win I will adopt a silly grin clutching

my tickets to cash in. If I lose it

is a loss I choose and the next day

holds the cool pools to soak away

My sore muscles from poking endless

play buttons to no avail. There is no

money that can buy the beauty

of June and the basking in the sun

that leaves a huge room in your

mind to revisit in the bitter, biting

cruel winds of January. Nothing

ever printed by the Federal Reserve

can be spent as nicely as when

You lie in the hammock of July

shaded by green that does not

have portraits of Andrew Jackson

on them. Money never ever grew

on trees or we would never have

any shade. And then comes

Au-gust of air so hot that makes you

almost eager for the fall but not quite.

Summer is God's little taste of

heaven that we are granted each year.

Fall is a reminder that we too will

Fall someday. Winter brings isolation

from much of all of the creature

comforts it strips from us. Our only

warmth that can never come close

to the sun are our furnaces and wood

stoves. Spring brings a ticket on

hold for the grand return of Summer.

so get out and enjoy the season of

joy that only offers you three

months of almost perfect weather.

I am just thinking out loud in scripted

words as I dry off from the pool while

you dry the sweat off your brows

from the harder labors of life tha

you all must endure in the Summer.

But do not let your week ends be

spent on your weakened ends.

Go out and become less than

burnt offerings as you worship the

sun and savor the wonders of

Summer's splendor.

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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