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Warm Summer Breezes Waft Through our Lives Again

Awakening of our senses and resuming a form of normality in our daily lives.

The Summer breezes waft through our lives again

After the pain and grey filled days

Of news that repeated itself over and over

Claiming many lives, we all ran for cover

separated from friend or foe

we became isolated in our homes

as if caught in the snow

Lying dormant like a seed waiting for that summer glow

When you thought it would all end

The news became awful

and it became the trend

To discuss the graphs of countries and the dead.

All the while the sun still rose and the sun still set

Humankind kept the faith and forged on

loving each other and doing what they could

to stop the spread

Masked men and women walking to shops

Some food parcels to others they dropped

at doorsteps and lonely places

where the sick were propped

Only the prayers of a nation on their knees

hoping for an answer to prayers for families in need.

I never knew what a war was like but this was bad

Now I have felt the suffering deep within my heart

Tasting the tears and tasting the smart.

No doubt the summers will appear again and the singing of the dove

Till then I will open my heart and love and encourage those who mourn

I will wait expectantly for the dawn.

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