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Summer Acrostic Poems


She spend the day at the beach

Under a sunny blue sky. The

Murky sand at her feet.

Emily smiles at the turtle doves

Relishing every beautiful thing

Bright Day

Bypassing a train Timothy

Runs toward his newspaper which has fallen

Into a stairway. He picks up his breifcase and

Goes to work. The bright day seem young

High above a rainbow cloud

Tall cherryblossoms line a street as the

Day bring new surprises.

All his coworkers congratulate him on his

Yearly raise. Timothy feel blessed on this bright sunny day.


Fancy lily's highlight a dessert beauty

Large birds fill the sky. The

Oasis feel like a lovely place

Where the frogs leap into a pond

Earthly daisy's bloom.

Red popies along a tree branch ushering in



Keegan skateboard along a California street. He

Yearns to be a pro. The teenager reaches for his

Leg gear as the summer heat tan his skin.

Every second seems worth it.


Brazil a beautiful country.

Rio de Janeiro a city so profound

All the travelers love it. A

Zion of everything wonderful

If the summer season never ended. The fun would

Last forever

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