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Sugar Market Crash

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Two sides to every single coin; up and down on the scale

Unable to discern what helps and what hurts more

Side that pulls out the kitchen knife and the other who ran from it

Looking to cauterize the wound before energy dropped completely

Needed a kick in the butt in order to get into gear again

Wound more metaphorical in this case; safe behind four walls

Motivation simply lagged and doubt flooded waters daily

Ebbed and flowed depending on the moment and mood setting

Confidence took nose dive in quest for explaining questionable judgment

A drop that not even Dow Jones can overlook or even forgive

Blame can only be placed on the Bernie Madoffs of the world

Resulting in a majorly natural hangover courtesy of Ben & Jerry's

Not one but two cartons in one frenzied sitting

Chased away with Captain Morgan and Hershey's Syrup

Giving it an extra sweet slap to your throat as it went down

Burns and tickles at the same time

A real flavor contradiction for bartenders and alcoholics alike

Barflies getting a taste of Serendipity without leaving barstool

Ready to graduate from minor league cartoons

To something strong enough to sprout energy drink fueled wings

Without being thrown in a generic rubber room

Suffocating in a two sizes too small straightjacket

That not even Harry Houdini could get out of on his best day

Nursing his wounds with some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

A picture of sinful innocence in each spoonful

Only flaw in having a love affair with both Ben and Jerry

Is that it's one sided romance; a slow road filled with potholes

Leading only to a cavernous sand trap with no end in sight

Only cure for this is Hershey's dark chocolate to ease pain

Curbing the devastating four car crash inside your mind

Preventing the sacrifice of that peaceful easy feeling once had

Wanted to desperately hold onto that for sanity purposes

Made mundane things more tolerable to swallow

Nothing more, nothing less.

A bowlful of happiness.

A bowlful of happiness.

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