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Suffering from Group Related Mentality

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Counting blessing that still able to stand relatively tall

And have gainful employment while so many don't

Praying that this version of current events was a bizarre nightmare

Not real life personified by fear and people wearing masks

Avoiding you as if you were radioactive instead of a normal person

Wondered when kindness gave way to caution and paranoia

Almost a bad conspiracy theory plot with a very high body count

Subject matter gravely serious; wondered when a solution would be found

Luckier than most, but still feeling the effects of world events

Sacrificed human interaction for the sake of health and public caution

Isolated in a 1200 square foot privately owned paradise

Ended up being a double edged sword when cabin fever struck

Unable to distinguish when work ended and home time began

Everything blurred together so much that two seem inseparable

Not sure if that's a good thing or a disaster waiting to happen

Trying to maintain a level of positivity when left series of over reflection

Focusing on a past meant to stay under lock and key

Turning to random funny cat videos and concert flicks to fight silence

Turned to walking around the once bustling lake for a shot of nature

Only to miss seeing the smiling faces of children running around playing

Wondered if this was the new permanent normal or if it would return

To the way things were before the illness, death and panic took over

Avoided watching the news channels and the online articles

Unavailable to choke down private bouts of anxiety and panic

Teeth clenched in intense bouts of dark dreams

Doesn't help with a sudden rise popularity for pandemic films

Especially when accuracy became more and transparent

Unable to admit when not feeling your best for fear

Of people coming to the wrong conclusion

Threatening to shove thermometers down your throat

Needing a lot of TLC and classic sitcoms to soothe savage nerves

Doesn't help when world's leading experts cannot seem to agree

One day the consensus is one thing; tomorrow the exact opposite

Enough to turn anyone into a cross between Einstein and Don King

Needed to find a reason to have a good laugh and not play attention

To what has been lost or is missing in action at the moment

Choosing to center on what's good and hope that things will get better

Sooner rather than later.

The truth behind the mask.

The truth behind the mask.

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