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Suffering and Patience

I can feel the feelings of others therefore I can write about how they feel in their real life experiences.


Suffering and Patience

When at break of day,

At a River side,

I heared the jungle drum,

Telegraphing the mystical rhythms,

I urgently ran toward,

The position of the sound,

I found a beautiful damesel crying so bitterly,

So I asked her what the problem was,

She said she had suffered enough in life,

She wants to take her Life by the river side,

She said she's growing older in life,

No marriage no money no children.

So I said to her that she should believe in God,

For every possibilities of life,

And one day she would be happy,

About being patient and waiting.

This life is going to be life ambush to you when you start succeeding and making it big so don't take drastic decisions that could torment you in Life. Life takes many hard tests.

If we have the patience then we can beat all the sufferings. Otherwise life will ruin us.


© 2020 Fahad Malik

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