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Suddenly, My Epiphany


These times of such a stressful life, of its anxiety,

Makes one wish to leave this place, for all eternity.

There never seems to be a change for the better,

The future appears so grim, that for all of posterity.

The waking of a new day, as all resembles the old,

Is no improvement, without fail, then is as so cold.

One's faith now so challenged, in every way to be.

If one grain of hope remains, then is joy, a certainty.


Suddenly, without warning, a brightest light so shown,

All across the wide horizon, let its brilliance be known.

The answer so awaits us each, soon manifests, is real,

Before our very eyes, takes shape, grand is its appeal.

This beautiful new horizon of life, given to us all, in turn,

Secures a feeling that we each belong, in what we earn.

Now our lives become as light, days brighter into a night,

Why we are hear, is a love so dear, God to make it right.


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