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Such Random Thoughts

Natasha Alva is a first time poet who enjoys reading novels and writes poetry as her pastime. She posts her poetry on Instagram.


Here I am, staring at the ceiling, waiting for my alarm clock to whistle its happy tune.

However, what I see are not the four walls of my room but just the beautiful night skies.

Oh bother, the alarm clock has actually snoozed for 10 times already, it's time to be back to reality.

Starts the day with an initiative to do something, yet ends with searching other things.

Unexpected trivia, new discoveries, strangely more interesting than your goals for the day.


Then, the self suddenly cries in the middle of the day for no reason.

Then, after one hour, you end up laughing from all the troubles being brought upon.

You should stop crying, it will be better.


Instead of feeling the unending failures of the day, I continue on my tasks feeling numb.

Every time a task is being accomplished, a sense of relief ponders me.

Yet, the questions come pouring if it was worth it.

After all, this is how my day has been.

It is just a simple routine after all.

How I wish to break this routine, where there are no limits.

How I wish to have the luxury of adventures even just for one day.

I guess freedom is still too far to achieve.


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