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Subtle Insults

Hi! I write poetry, related or not to my life. So enjoy reading!


They think its okay
But actually it is not.
They must have thought she won't be bothered,
But look at it now.

She's holding her pen.
Paper on her desk.
A way to calm down her nerves.
She starts to write.

She begins to tell,
How her day started.
It was good.
People gathered around her.

But little did she know,
She was about to be swarmed.
Swarmed with insults.
Insults that they defensively say "friendly".

She's sensitive but,
She then thought,
All people are sensitive.
Hers might be a little bit too much.

She remains unbothered.
She's trying to hold it in.
Laughing along,
Even though it was a bit offensive in her view.

How could they not see it?
She doesn't want anyone else to know.
But deep down, she wanted someone to notice.
How are they so ignorant?

Everybody laughed along.
As if it wasn't an insult.
Everybody looked and laughed at her.
Which made her feel so bad.

She shrugged it off for a moment
For her to enjoy the rest of the day.
But at night,
She starts to think about it again.

They think she's fine.
With all the subtle insults they throw at her.
But she's not.
She wants to people to know.

That is why she writes.
She may not be good in talking her feelings out.
But she sure does write everything.
In details. No cutting of the story.

Remember, no matter how close you are to the person.
Throwing subtle insults can either do you good or bad.
It just really depends on the person.
But never be ignorant of someone's feelings.

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