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Subconscious Anxiety

In the back of my mind
The little voice in my head
At times it gets to me
That's not one of those times
Although it made me start to pick at the skin on my thumb
I stopped
I don't feel anything towards the thought
No need to
I know where my values stand
I know who I am
Wont loose sight of that
Wont let it get misplaced by nonsense
My breathe tries to speed up
It tries to get me to feel that gut wrenching feeling
But I won't
Not just a gut wrenching feeling
A...I don't know the word for it
Describing it as "deep conversation deprived"
Makes no sense I know
Let it sink in though
My pulse tries to speed up
Pay no mind to it
I'm grounded
Just Subconscious Anxiety

© 2022 Riah Doll

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