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Sub-Genre Specialty: Living Between the Lines

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Realized that society will always have those groups

The haves who get it all without even trying

And the have nots who never get even close

Seemed to be stuck somewhere in the bizarre middle

Getting the trivial things in life: surface matters

A job, a house and bills paid each month

Didn't seem to be important if no one was there

Except the furniture for true companionship

The important ones always stayed within arm's-length

Close enough to see them, but far away enough

To not be able to touch and grab ahold of them

Before they slip away to the bigger and better

Knowing that only meant either I'd always be out of reach

Or left room for a private utopia meant for me alone

Let's hope that it's the latter of the two options

Hard to be optimistic when life remained at a stagnant pace

Coworkers had relationships, children, and grandchildren

While I remained stuck in a neutral holding pattern

Stuck in emotional Customs and everyone else passing by

Looking for the jaw's of life to break out of this funk

Listening to loud of obnoxious 80s music to feel something

Lasts long enough until the song comes to a close

Returns back to same thoughts as before it began

New Year's festivities are under way everywhere

Except for my place where pajamas and reruns are the plan

Unsure where I fit in all this melee of optimism

Hoping for a future that seems to be beyond reach

Getting close to it before the universe gets wise

Steals it away just before sheer bliss comes into play

Not fully aware if the future I once held dear was mine at all

Seemed like an illusion built to hustle you out of your heart

Break it into a million pieces, while they seemed to move on

Relatively unscathed with the rest of their life a total wreck

Decided to return the favor when you didn't fold along with them

Hopefully, the new year will bring better opportunities

To escape this self induced exile into the social abyss

Need to break out of this extra hard shell and get some sunshine

What the doctor ordered to find peace and happiness

Both in that particular order in order to move on and have some fun

Digging deep inside to pull out a brave warrior ready to take the plunge

Won't forget a parachute in case of any potentials problems

Fingers crossed that there won't be any.

In case of emergencies, bring one of these.

In case of emergencies, bring one of these.