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Stygian Hue

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Stygian hue

Wrapped in this stygian blue

Trapped like its glue

It’s all in my head

But even knowing that won’t do

Hoping I can find again

My mind again

Trapped in this stygian blue

A dark so twisting

It’s as if I’ll cease existing

Can’t seem to figure out what’s missing

A stygian blue maze writhing and shifting inside my mind

Darkness would be so kind

These creeping misshapen hues

Wrapping around my eyes

Smothering them

Covering them

These Labyrinthian tones and shifting shades

I can’t escape them

I’d rather fall upon a stake

Then let them turn me into a fake

But even as life leaves my body

These Stygian hues

These dark twisted blues

Writhe inside my mind

Take my body in kind

And consume what is left of my soul

© 2021 David

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