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Stupidity Evolution


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Stupid people are such a good company. You can relax your mind, sheepishly smile, and let them be smart.

Stupid people are such a good company. You can relax your mind, sheepishly smile, and let them be smart.

In politics stupidity is not a handicap.

-- Napoleon Bonaparte


Learning to genuinely laugh at myself was a big leap in my personal attempts to upgrade myself as a human being. But it only came after a long practice of laughing at the world, long before it hit me that I was one of them, which gave me an epiphany at the realization how life is too damn short for taking anything too seriously.

Noticing human flaws and loving them despite it was an art in itself, but that love came only after I could love myself after noticing my own flaws. My modest studious inclinations, combined with that attitude eventually gave birth to my own, personalized version of spirituality, or exploring my own unused potential.

Humor targeting myself was an irreplaceable tool for a "soft killing of ego". Likewise, I could never be impressed by anyone else's displays of ego. In all that, important thing was to differ ego from basic human dignity, for which I have enormous respect.

Egos make me laugh, particularly those of the politicians who have their leader-in-the-pack obsession parading around.

I like picturing politicians and those "persons of cloth" in their pyjamas. Those corpulent ones, notably Trump, I imagine in their high cut swimsuits, belly hanging over as they are rehearsing for a speech in front of a full size mirror with that proud posture.

Monkeys are my favorite animals in the zoo. As I am observing their silly routines, I can't help wondering, if they are better at imitating humans than so many humans are at imitating them.

Well, time for me to get serious a little and get busy writing those two pieces of prose in rhymes that I got on my mind as a good complement to this lengthy introduction.

So, here I go with my rhymed satire.

"If Einstein Is Right About Relativity, Does That Make Me Smarter than the Stupidest Human?"

"If Einstein Is Right About Relativity, Does That Make Me Smarter than the Stupidest Human?"

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.

-- Laurence J. Peter

Surprising Roots of Our Noble Human Traits

We imagine our species as refined and great

so following may look like downright insane

but almost every dignified human trait

stems from primitive part of brain.

Romantic love -- so beautiful and divine

has roots at our instinct for procreation

and a need for others, normal and fine

nothing but herding evolved to nation.

Prosperity, or amassing the means of surviving

comes from crude fear they might go scarce

so all abundance on which we are thriving

is animal's greed a part of human farce.

Love for the humankind, all altruistic as it looks

is herding phenomenon not species-specific

not jewel of ethics from some holy books

or human monopoly to be seen terrific.

Mourning for all those who passed away

may not mean that they will be missed

it's our fear of that one uncertain day

when we also will cease to exist.

Being loving parents so much

we just display our animalistic side

as all mammals show same caring touch

not giving us any reasons for a particular pride.

No need for tracing back our need for wars

it is so typically inhuman, and bestial trait

the way we settle some primitive scores

may question our ultimate human fate.

And finally patriotism, with all including

upgraded animalistic territoriality drive

to protect their habitat from intruding

one that keeps them safe and alive.

Greek philosopher Plato said long ago:

"Man is an animal endowed with a mind"

thus, many of our cherished traits we know

are not really stemming from an advanced kind.

Intelligence is called an ability of problem solving

so we are at the top shelf in scheme of creation

our complex stupidity took some evolving

and we truly deserve gods' admiration.

...AND BLAH!!!

...AND BLAH!!!

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

-- George Carlin

Projecting Private Misery on Politicians

Running out of all names for our bosses

after having signed all of union petitions

we get emotional over national losses

so there we go hating our politicians.

Secretly fed up with our controlling spouse

but with no balls to ask for equality granting

we resort to focusing on another kind of louse

where freedom of speech equals a good ranting.

As our mother-in-law gets on our poor nerves

that "in-law" meaning a legal pain in the ass

we project on politicians all she deserves

bitching either about poor or elite class.

After all those prayers turned out in vain

our god still too untouchable to blame

searching within our pissed off brain

we blame politicians just the same.

We make of Middle East one uncivilized farce

with no day that passes without some protest

but then we enjoy our looting and burning cars

that's the political venting that we love the best.

It stops being important after a while

who's in power, we need our projection

always doing it in a well rehearsed style

rejoicing in mass misery at each election.

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