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Stuck in a Corner: Nowhere to Go

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Trapped in an unescapable nightmare

Sure, it could be worse; just wished it was better

Never a moment of peace before the next curveball

Popped out of the woodwork to knock you out

Shake you to your core as you wondered why

This metaphorical test had no clear passing grade

Matter of survival than ideals that might never happen

Questioned whether it was worth to have goals

When there were no steps or plans in place

To achieve that imagined end result

Almost thought it was a fool's errand to want a piece

Of the "American Dream" ice cream you craved

A trio of utopic flavors that brought about a sense of calm

Reaching nirvana after licking the bowl completely clean

A deceptive ideal that hid some sharp tongued truths

Perfection an illusion to confuse everyone involved

Been though too many trips on life's battlefield

Need a break, but unable to be granted a reprieve

Forced to fight again and again with zero gusto

Felt more like a boxer than a human being

After going through way too many rounds in the ring

Wondered when this match would conclude

Imagining the bell resounding louder and louder

Escaping from being placed in a tiny space

A box so small that it was nearly suffocating

Terrified that one wrong move spelled certain doom

Risks abound no matter which course of action taken

Scared that the battle will be waged without back-up

Too much tension from the American Bandstand wagon

Based on lack of patience and too many rules

Bad enough to hit this stumbling block in a pandemic

Wondered when it would be time to breathe easy

Last half of 2020 held breath for far too long

Envisioned when the next universal shoe will fall

And hit them in the face as it plodded to ground

With a resounding thud; almost like fist to the pavement

Wanted to be able to scream and throw things

Just don't have the strength or resolve to do so

Hoping and praying that this next decision

Will be in the favor of this tired fighter

Not against them once again

Need some positive vibes in order get out

And completely away from this corner prison

Ready to make a break towards freedom

No matter what the guards say and do

Time to move towards a new start.

Ready to get out of this corner to fight or simply escape it.

Ready to get out of this corner to fight or simply escape it.

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