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Stuck Where The Don't Shine

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Behind A Cloud

What were you thinking?

I am wrapping up my day

Only to find it didn't go my way

Things could have been worse

Much worse

Instead, I let the little things eat away at me

I always love to be happy

I can usually find many reasons

There are certain times I feel like someone punched me smack in the nose

The worst part

I saw it coming

I don't know if it would have been any different

If I got cold-cocked or sucker-punched

At least then I would have an excuse

No, I have to take all the blame

If it wasn't for me

We wouldn't be in this mess

I got us in it

I will get us out

Just not today

Matter of fact not next week either

I need some time

How much?

I will be damned if I know

Someone has to know

Well, the big guy upstairs

I am not asking him

He has so many more important things to do

So I will just be going on my way

Going to sleep

Wake up and try again tomorrow

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Will tomorrow be better than today

I sure hope so

No guarantees

What kind of world is this?

Spin of the wheel and see what you get?

I never had any good luck

Today could be my lucky day

Then again who knows

Let's not go there

This is the last thing I remember

Right before going to sleep

Keep positive and wish for the best

Nighty night