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Stuck In The Middle of Two Worlds


Moving Forward

We live in a fast past world

Time goes by so quickly

There are so many daily activities that fill up our day

It doesn't stop there

Sometimes it is more about

All the other people in our life

That need our help

There are things that we want to do

Then there are things we have to do

I sit here at the laptop and listen to the soft wind blow

Thinking of my next move

My wife fixes lunch

I have been working on cleaning our cellar

It is absolutely beautiful outside

I have a dentist appointment in hour and a half

So I can't do much more

My phone battery was low

I often wonder how people go without breakfast ?

I am hungry now and I ate breakfast two hours ago

I would be starving, weak and have no energy

My wife would be famished without breakfast

We are both very good breakfast eaters

As my thoughts come into my head

I try to respond with a positive action

My stomach fills up

Like a gas tank on low

Once again I am ready

To tackle new projects and I have a bright outlook

Looking forward to making today a good day


DREAM ON (author) on August 28, 2020:

Greg Cain As we open our eyes and see a bright light in the sky. I am glad we all can see that light and I am not the only one. It might take me a place I didn't expect to go right now in my life. Thank you for reading and sharing your nice thoughts. We all are on an adventure and many times we meet and get to share our story or excitement with other people. They could have already been where we are at or we can be going the same place at different times. It is an incredible journey. I can sit back all day and listen to other people talk. It gives me more insight to my life and what I have seen or missed. Thank you so much for all your thoughtfulness. May we help each other when possible and watch as life unfolds around us. Some of my days are like bifold doors that open nicely and go off track and are impossible to fix. I will keep trying to see if they will work like they use to. Now they are just a pain in the butt. Have a great day and keep writing and sharing the awesome life that is before you.

greg cain from Moscow, Idaho, USA on August 27, 2020:

Hope it is indeed a good day. Be well, be safe.

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