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Strumming the Heartstrings


In a back-alley bar playing songs to the broken

The vibrations of a guitar are like medicine

Their applauses fill my body with adrenaline

“One more song!” They begin to beg

“One more song!” The chant echoes off the wall

“One more song!” I shout as I stand tall

With a pick in my right hand, I begin to strum

Feeling the air dance into my lungs

Letting the words twirl from my tongue

The crowd swaying from side to side

As soon as I start to close my eyes

I see we're all dots on the same die

Living lives that are far from flawless

With hopes and dreams that have long been demolished

Turning to music for a moment of solace

Together, we are in perfect harmony

Arm-in-arm, we continue swaying

At peace, as long as the music is playing

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