Poetry About Love, Heartbreak, and God's Unfailing Love

Updated on March 25, 2018
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Cholee has been writing poetry for years and uses it to express emotions and promote healing within herself.

This is a compilation of love and heartbreak through poetry, and the life changing results of realizing the power of God’s unfailing love. Some time ago I wrote poetry as a way of expressing unspoken emotions. Mostly about finding God and learning to let go and be free in Him.

This particular set of poems deal with the ideas of not just letting in God, but letting in others too and how to manage the pain of the heartache that can follow. Joy and happiness can come from change that is hard and awkward. There may be darkness and uncertainty, but with God there is always a light and a silver lining through every hardship and loss of love.

The collection of poems below is a story of a significant part of my life, changing my future forever. I encourage us all to enjoy the little things that make us laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Take risks and let your inner child shine. Sometimes we all just need to let go and allow ourselves to be carried by the One who created us. He will always bring us to the love that is meant to be.

Meant to be--Forever you and me

You are my whole world, everything I long for.

I want to always be here to open new doors.

Those eyes shine like the night sky,

As we laugh and the hours fly by.

Sparkling crystal watercolor blues

Showing me all of you.

Spending forever with you by my side

To have and to hold, with nothing to hide.

Together always, that’s where we fit,

Holding hands with faces lit.

Completely one together with You

There is nothing we couldn’t do.

That contagious laugh, his sweet smile

That walk for miles.

What a world that awaits for us,

My prince, you will never have to fuss.

Forever and always I’ll be your shining star,

If you promise to stay my superman near or far.

Love will hold us together you will see,

Forever and always until eternity.

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

Struggling to Survive

She is broken and hurting, just struggling to survive.

She is shattered, stained and falling apart, what happened to the love that keeps her alive?

Feeling lost and out of place,

Wishing, hoping, and needing a space.

I feel so helpless and so far behind

Wanting to cry I’m losing my mind.

I’ve worked so hard, fought through so much

Why do I still feel like I’m lost in the rush?

I want my own home

A place to call my very own.

I’m unsettled and worried

Everything’s busied and hurried

What if things don’t turn out right?

Will I ever sleep tonight?

I long for peace, something more

Have I over looked God’s open door?

I’m still so young, yet feel so aged

The stress and hardships of every day

I’m wearing thin and don’t think I can take much more

I just want to be loved and change the world.

My dreams are too big I will be let down

I don’t even know where to start to turn this around.

Hopeless and alone where do I turn

What if I crash and burn?

My head aches and my heart breaks

I don’t want to have to fake.

I just want to feel whole again

Find a new place to begin.

Enough changing and rearranging

Settling down and remaking

That’s where I want to be

A place to just be me to raise a family.


Letting Go--Finding the Real Me

Silently crying,

Falling to my knees.

Slowly dying,

To the old me.

I shiver and shake,

How long is this going to take?

Ever changing,

Always rearranging.

Then, I hear Your voice,

Just barely a whisper above all the noise.

It draws me to You,

And I feel Your arms drawing me close.

Telling me all the plans you have,

But I need to let go, to trust, to stand,

In Your mercy, love, and grace.

To feel the need for Your embrace.

So here I now stand

Reaching out for His hand

Together we go

Making this jump into the unknown

Christ is my strength, my solid rock

For what I have known has long since been forgot

My strength He will forever be

For without Him I wouldn’t be me.


Beautifully Broken--This is Me

I got lost some time ago,

Through all the twists and turns of this road.

I've overcome so many toils and strife,

Down this road of life.

I'm coming back to the real me

The me that God created to be.

Fake smiles and holding back tears

Who would ever understand the fears?

I want to live again

Free and beautifully broken

Trying to reach the real me

The me God created to be.

The praises of man will never stand,

The webs of lies and false sacrifice

None can contest to the love of Christ

His is the only will that matters

How free it is to live the real me

The me God created to be.

Give it all at the cross

He gave everything to save the lost.

Christ is the only One who can set me free

Turning me back to the real me

The me that God created to be.

Looking back I've come so far

From where I was to where I am.

I'll do whatever it takes to turn this around

I know I've let you down.

Longing to be the real me

The me You created to be

Heading back down this road

Leading to beautiful

Head held high

No fake smiles to hide

Oh the real me

The one God created to be

Is so beautiful

How perfect I can be in Him

If I only believe.

He makes me beautiful and free

Oh He created me so beautiful

God Heals the Broken Hearted

In the deepest hours, of the darkest night

You came calling by name,

Longing to see our face.

Breaking my heart and filling my soul

Teaching me to love again, to love again

Oh how I long for You alone.

You heal the broken hearted and bandage our wounds

Bringing us to the center of You

For You are the bread of life

The light by which we see

Living I long to love again

Sparkles in my eyes & this smile I can't hide

Pure delight flows from within; overflowing, an outpouring

Bursting through my soul

Pools of joy fill my eyes, tears stream as I worship You

How mighty You are, the Maker of all the stars, Master of all our hearts

Oh how I long for You alone

I've learned to love again, oh to love again.

Selfless love, a breaking for what breaks You

How I've longed for this place,

Where true love takes over hate

Arms raised high, Your light warming my face

Oh how I long for You alone

Pools of joy fill my eyes, tears stream as others walk on by

Oh how I've loved again, truly loved again.

Back to where we all belong, where the real me cannot hide

Broken and beautiful in God's hands

There's a love that's unspeakable and I've found it, oh I've found it

Oh how I long for You alone

Pools of joy fill my eyes, tears stream as I worship You

How I've learned to love again, to love again, oh to love again.


To Take a Risk and Love Again

To take a risk,

What does that take?

An open mind, an open heart,

Maybe a willingness to part,

From all I know and hold close

To let go and surrender to the Holy Ghost.

To take this risk I must walk to the edge

As I stand at this wall, I make my new pledge.

I promise to stand strong, to not run away

To be open and stay in Your light’s rays.

To stand on Christ my solid rock

For He saved the world I have not forgot.

Taking down bricks, inch by inch

Slowly releasing my heart’s cinch.

The wall is getting shorter, and soon there’s a gap

But it’s still too small for anyone to pass.

This wall is no longer strong, but shattered and cracked

Still there are things I know that I lack.

Weary and broken I make my way to the ledge,

Listening to the promises of my new pledge.

Looking out into the unseen, I know what it is that I must do

But I can’t, I won’t, don’t make me jump. There’s still too much left undone.

I begin to shake,

And I know Your presence has entered this place.

Without a doubt I know it’s time, time to let go,

To trust, and to jump into the unknown.

Taking the risks I’ve wanted to for so long

Now with you both by my side, what could possibly go wrong?

I believe in His love, mercy, and grace

And I long to be held in His embrace.

I trust You to do, what needs to be done

Even if I have to change, to become undone.

So I take your hands and say a quick prayer

Knowing neither can come with me there.

But after this leap I know we’ll be together again

Our relationship amend.

It’s time to let go

And prepare to enter the unknown.

I take my next step and I’m falling off the ledge

Why did I ever make this silly pledge?

It’s just me falling, nothing, empty space

And darkness accompanies me in this place.

Then it hits me as I fall,

And I know why I’ve answered Your call.

I wasn’t made to be alone

You made others so that together we can make Your name known.

These walls only hurt me and keep others out; they need to come down if even for just one

As long as we’re together with Your Son.

There’s no need to be afraid, to be scared

Because I know You will meet us there.

I’m no longer falling through empty space

But being lifted up, held in Your embrace

Again I shake

Knowing this is more than I can take

I fall to my knees crying and weeping

Praying, searching, and seeking.

Soon I’m lifted high above the darkness and back to the light

And together again the three of us reunite.

Together we go, down this new road

Walking hand in hand our journey unknown.

Without this one wall, you’re free to roam

To enter and learn, what you could not see or have ever known.

Now we can continue to grow, while we walk these miles

Sharing in stories, laughter, and smiles.


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    © 2011 Cholee Clay


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      • Shesabutterfly profile imageAUTHOR

        Cholee Clay 

        7 years ago from Wisconsin

        Thanks Victoria Lynn! I'll try to keep you intrigued:)

      • Victoria Lynn profile image

        Victoria Lynn 

        7 years ago from Arkansas, USA

        I can relate. I think you have a new follower, as I like your topics!

      • Shesabutterfly profile imageAUTHOR

        Cholee Clay 

        7 years ago from Wisconsin

        Thanks MissFrost. I hope you can find some encouragement and strength in your time of struggle.

      • MissFrost profile image


        7 years ago from 50% Island Girl, 25% East Coast Girl, 25% Country Girl

        Oh my, I CAN relate 100% to what you wrote about. I am going through a really hard time and I feel like I am shattered, stained, and falling apart. Voted up and beautiful!


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