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Strong Resolution


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She was going to

6 years when she

Lost her mum, the

Only surviving parent of

The blast to cold hands of death

After their mum’s death

She was taken away

From their parents house

By her elder sister

To the city to live

She started living with

Her family in the

City and was enrolled

In school alongside with

Other children of her age

She started new life

In the city, the

Life she now lives

Was strangely strange to

Her from that of rural area

After her graduation from

The elementary school she

Moved to the higher

Pedestal and was coping

Well according to teachers’ reports

She soon finished from

There and from teacher

Training school. She secured

Employment with the Local

Authorities to teach pupils

While teaching pupils of

Elementary school that was

When he met with

A man who was

The father of a pupil

Four months back the

Man lost his wife

To the cold hands

Of death and has

Been catering for children

It though has not

Been very easy for

Him and he is

Seeking for a responsible

Lady to assist him

When he met with

Her, he penetrated into

Her heart by his

Mind and feels she

Was the one expected

They started seeing each

Other. The wind of

Their relationship got to

Her sister who did

Not support the relationship

She did not support

It because the man

Had been married before

She wants her to marry

A naïve man like her

Naïve man like her

Is a man who

Has not been married before

Neither have children from

Any other woman

She however did not

Key into her sister’s

Disposition about whom she

Should be married to

Because of her believe

She believed her sister

Is kind of old

Fashioned she continued with

The man nonetheless telling

Him her people’s position

The man told her

That he would not

Disappoint her, you would

Have no cause to

Regret your action he says

There was a function

Which the man was

Invited to by his

Business partners and the

Man told the lady

The lady decided to

Follow the man to

The party however, contrary

To what they had

Hoped for before going

The party finished very

Late and she could not

Return home that day,

Thence she slept at

The man’s place

What she did not

Returning home that day

Generate troubles for her

And her spouse for

Her aunt contacted police

The man was apprehended

And put in the

Police custody and the

Charges levied against him

Were kidnapping ‘n’ Human trafficking

She did not like

What her sister did

She raised objections to

What was said, and

After much negotiations

The police released the

Man. When the man

Was released, the lady

Decided that she will

Not follow her sister home

She was persuaded to

Go with her sister

By the man, and she

Followed her sister home

Grumbling along the way

Everything said to her

By her sister did

Not pass the external

Pinna they never sink

Into her Cerebral cortex

After observing her sister’s

Disposition that she will

Not allow her to

Enjoy her relationship with

The man, she planned with him

They decide to leave

The town for far place

Without leaving trail of

Their movements and that

They did days after

Her sister still ins

No one knew their

Whereabout for years until

A friend of her

Aunt met with her

One day at a function

She was the one

Who told her sister

About her and the

Man. Her sister met

And reconciled with her

Few years after the

Reconciliation, the man gave

Up the ghost, leaving

The lady alone with

Her children to cater for.


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