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Strong Belief

A dedicated Digital Marketer, with a passion for writing articles and poetry.


There was once a village, Beautiful, Lush and green

Which reflected nature's image, one of the truest ever seen

Its People were happy and content

Their crops never failed

Unlike cities, there was no resentment,

All over peace prevailed.

For the village was truly blessed,

With ample amount of rain

Which fell as blessings from heavens above

Enhancing its green curtains.

The farmers would everyday plough,

With all their heart and soul,

Dedicated all through-rain, warmth and cold.

But one day, in the villagers fate

A twisted turn was brought

The Earth's thirst couldn't satiate

For the village experienced a drought!

It did not rain for days and days

The crops Undoubtedly failed

The earth burned like a furnace

No boats in the puddle sailed!

The villagers couldn't understand

Nature's scheme of events

They looked at the cracked moistureless land

"We are doomed!" were the comments.

The peace of the village was robbed

The tempers soared high

Young and old- all sobbed, Mourning their plight.

Everyone become desperate, For a hint of rain

And began feverently praying, In hope to ease their pain

There were prayers services organised

To please the rain deity

And their was one little kid who prayed

With all his heart to Almighty.

And the next day, that little kid

With an umbrella walked around

Though it never rained a bit

And blistering hot winds did surround

When questioned, the little kid said-

"I have faith in my prayers

And I know the divine power

Never refuses his dear!"

And he walked around for three more days

With the umbrella sheilding his head

When questioned again and again

The same dialouge was said

On the fourth day it rained

And what a rain it was

The little kid let his umbrella fly

And danced in the rain without a pause

The little kid possessed a quality

Found ever so rare

It's called having unwavering faith

Which eases all pains we bear!

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