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Strong Alone

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Being alone is a strength that a very few can handle. But God save the world from those who can.



Being alone is a power.

Learn to be alone and like it. Because there is nothing more empowering and freeing than learning to enjoy your own company. Being alone is powerful like an addiction, use that power to focus on your goals. Use that power to concentrate your mind.

Eat alone, sleep alone, take yourself on dates and in the middle of all this you will learn alot about yourself. You will grow you will figure out what inspires you. You will curate your own dreams, your own stunning reality. And after that when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance you will be sure about thhem because you are sure about yourself.

The Solitary Queen

The solitary queen

Stood strong inside her

Impenetrable fortress.

Guarding with ferociousness

Her most priced possession.

But God bless the soul,

Who could find out what it was.

No one was allowed

Into the castle.

And those inquistive brats,

Who were daring enough

To enter the premises,

Were never seen again.

It was believed that from those who entered,

The ones, she thought useful were kept alive,

In the dark cellers

Beneath the castle;

And those deemed useless,

Were fed to her hell hounds.

One of the queen's weapons.

That she used to keep her palace safe.

According to the tales,

Those damned hounds,

Would first suck the soul out of their prey;

And then feed on its remains.

The cries of agony that arose,

From the castle left anyone listening;


Many believed the queen to be,

A mistress of dark magic.

According to some, she had a gaze,

So hard that she could turn,

People into stone.

She was so feared that no one;

Ever dared to,

Sneak into her castle.

The solitary loner queen,

Was a mystery

Maybe even misunderstood ;

But yet an unsolved puzzle.

And maybe that was how;

It was supposed to be.

Or how it will be

Until someone valiant enough

Comes by,

And uncovers the mystery of the

Solitary Queen.

© 2022 Maanu

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