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Strip Away the Veil

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Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections


Is this what self-centered feels like
You don’t have to worry about
Another's feelings
Put someone else first
Care about every utterance that comes
From their mouth
If I say this, will it mean that
If I look a certain way, it reflects
On them
Oh shit, wait
Am I putting them first and me last?
Damn I've done it again
Letting them place me in a glass cage
Or is it a glass bowl
Fake smiles and polite helloes
Keep it together don’t let the tears fall
Give them the satisfaction of finding joy in your pain
No halleluiahs no rebirths no afterlife
When speaking out the side of your neck becomes
The way you're addressed
Freedom is more than just of state of mind
When you strip away the veil you’ve been hiding
Behind your whole life and see
The reality of the one who said our
Love will be forever

© 2022 ek ellis

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