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Striking Back Against Conformity

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Felt safer in the tiny indoor confines of my private abode

Didn't feel a need to cover up any potential flaws

Could live out in the open without fear of being judged

Could be a misconception that's self inflicted or legitimate

Hard to say because it would always get flipped back to me

If the subject was mildly broached in smaller quarters

Tired of putting on airs in order to be accepted by friends and family

Personally, would rather love to wear sweatpants all the time

Not allowed to do so; in order to appear marketable

Don't want to come across as a slacker who gave up on their appearance

Back on the market like a fresh piece of meat

To be examined and scrutinized by the USDA of the male species

Searching for a stamp of approval in order to move on

If unable to obtain it, personal worth will go down the drain

Sick of playing a role in order to get through each day

Faking a smile when would rather be angry or sad

Don't be under the assumption of folding under pressure

Just frustrated by the notion that women have to please

Much more than making the opposite sex smile and entertain them

Men are sometimes the supporting players in their partners' stories

Never really talked about for fear of breaking down that perception

Time to shake things up and smash that stereotype in half

Wondered why women have the urge to marginalize themselves

To fit some type of desirable persona for the masses

Whether it was being more dateable on the numerous online apps

Play down their more rebellious nature in order to please

A potential suitor to keep on dating them and believe the lies

Well, not lies per se; just half truths to make yourself more attractive

Pretending to be a Playboy playmate and a swimsuit cover girl

Not really something a modern day Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe

Would have even aspired to become themselves

Wanted to be taken seriously for their acting chops instead of their looks

Never really given the chance or credit when it was needed to be given

It's time for every girl to be the architect of their own narrative

Or lack of one

Their lives, their choices to be made

Rules meant to be made; and broken in equal measure

Run a corporation or stay at home with the children

Choose your life and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Marilyn Monroe was more than her image.

Marilyn Monroe was more than her image.